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  • by helene spilling
  • 19:02 | 13.04.2017
  • mexican easter party



    So this year, my very good friend Henrik arranged an Mexican Easter Party! AND it was such a great night. I didn't drink, so I was very entertained by the other ones who did - haha! I usually don't drink, I'm not that big of a fan, soo... I filmed a lot instead and made this video :)) It's really nice to look back at memories like this one, that's why I wanted to make a video. I did it last summer as well, and a lot of people commented that it was so nice.

    At the moment, Jonas and I are in Aarhus. We just ordered some sushi from! Can't wait to get it because I'm really hungry and they had so much good food at the menu.

    Talk later! ♥

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    Victoria Larsen

    13.04.2017 kl.20:01

    S artig!! :)

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