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  • by helene spilling
  • 01:24 | 27.05.2017
  • DIY: flower embroidery sweater




    Hello Guys! Today I wanted to show you, or give you some inspiration and ideas on how to make your own flower embroidery sweater. This sweater is a "copy" or inspired by the ORO Los Angeles sweater. My boyfriend showed it to me some weeks ago, and since it was quite expensive (225$) I decided to make it myself!

    First of all you need a hoodie or other sweater. You can find a lot of plain sweaters on

    I then searched for some flower embroidery on etsy, eBay and AliExpress. You can find a lot of different flowers, colors and shapes - and it's really cheap!

    I used the glue I usually use to put stones on my dresses. It's called Gem-Tac. I think you can find the glue on, or at least similar. They deliver very fast! The next step is to line up and figure where to but your embroidery. As I said earlier, Sebb and I took some inspiration from the ORO design. One on each arm (maybe I'll put one on the hoodie as well). The next step is to actually glue the whole embroidery on to your sweater. 

    After the glue has dried, I took the sewing machine and sew the embroidery on. I would personally suggest you to do it, because when you're going to wash your sweater, it might "fall off", at least in the edges. The glue doesn't allow you to wash it with too high temperature - so be CAREFUL! If you sew it soon as well, you're probably good to go. Just keep in mind that the glue might loosen or get wet if you wash with too high temperature, but will probably dry again.

    AND THAT'S IT! You're good to go :)

    I do make these sweater for 650 NOK, so if you're interested contact me on :)

    Happy DIY! ♥ #diy

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    31.05.2017 kl.15:48

    Tffe gensere :D

    Helene Spilling

    01.06.2017 kl.11:38

    Bitte: Tusen takk! :D

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