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  • by helene spilling
  • 12:50 | 29.09.2017
  • This is my new home!







    I can finally say that I'm finished with looking after an apartment here in Vilnius. My first apartment ever, and I love it.

    On Monday I met with the agency and signed the contract for the apartment. I got the keys, but I still haven't got my pillow, duvet etc. at the time, so I couldn't really move in at that point. On Tuesday my dad arrived to Vilnius, and I got my package with all nye stuff, as well as my dad brought me a bunch of stuff. I went to practice with Domas, and straight after my dad and I went to IKEA (DAY 1!). We had probably 2 hours before IKEA closes, so we basically ran through all the sections. Most important was the kitchen equipment. The kitchen in my apartment was totally empty, so I had to buy a lot of things. We made it through IKEA just in time. Not totally sure if I had everything I needed. After running though IKEA we went to LIDL,the supermarket that is the closest to my apartment and bough a bunch of food and cloths and cleaning soaps etc. We finished at the supermarket approximately 22:30, and went to the apartment to start unpacking and unboxing all the stuff we had bought. We had a delicious dinner my dad made at 01:00.. We were both super tired and went to bed. The mattress in the apartment is hard as a brick - so our first night in the apartment wasn't very good I can tell. On top of my "to buy list" for the next day was a top mattress!!! 

    The next day started with a breakfast with eggs and Norwegian bacon and butter - haha! After breakfast we went to IKEA (DAY 2). I think we spent even more time in IKEA this day. As well as we went to a BIG shopping center with a lot of stores. I think we spent 6 hours at IKEA and the shopping center in total. After a full day of shopping we went to the supermarket again, but this time we went to RIMI. A lot better then LIDL. They have such a big selection, at least the RIMI we went to yesterday - it's mind blowing. My dad and I looked at each other and thinking "OMFG"... o.O However, we bought some Norwegian salmon because we had dinner guests in the evening which was really cozy.

    Yesterday wasn't that much shopping. We went to the Old Town and did some sightseeing, follow by a quick stop at the pharmacy and shopping center "Ozas" - which is really close to my apartment. And as I mentioned, we went to the biggest RIMI I've ever seen in my entire life afterwards. We bough some food for our last dinner together. I drove my dad to the airport after dinner - and then I was left all alone in my apartment :-O

    My first night in the apartment all alone was quite good - I believe I'll have a good time here :) 

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    Victoria Larsen

    29.09.2017 kl.16:01

    Ser veldig fint ut! Kjempe spennende :-D


    29.09.2017 kl.20:26

    I didn't know you moved to Vilnus :) hope you are happy and that you found nice partner.. toking forward to see you any soon Helene :*

    01.10.2017 kl.16:20

    Hi Helen. A very good explanation about how you have started a new life in Vilnius. Hope you will enjoy your new place. Good luck. Be who you are and you will go far

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