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  • by helene spilling
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  • 22:16 | 30.11.2017
  • From frizzy to Silky Soft Shiny Hair


    Brush your frizzy messy hair away with the BaByliss Brush



    This heat brush from Babyliss is absolutely genius! I have never been the type of girl who puts a lot of effort into her hair. I normally take a shower and air dry my hair. No hairdryer, no straightener, no curling.. I just let my hair do whatever - which often results in messy and frizzy hair. That's why I often wear my hair in a low bun - LAZY MOTHER !)/#)..  No, but I don't really use a lot of time to fix my hair. I've only used the Curlformers Kit to curl my hair previously, but I don't use it a lot :)

    Back to the Babyliss heat brush! This brush is perfect for lazy I don't care-girls like myself. It takes 1 minute to make the brush warm, and then 5 minutes to brush your hair, getting that smooth, non-frizzy hair. I absolutely love it and would defiantly recommend it! My friends tried it as well, and they all adore this product. What I like about this brush compared to a straightener is that you hair is left with a lot more volume and softer edges. I think straightener often leaves the hair flat with no volume at all.. It's very unnatural. Well, I guess if your into that shit, you can do that instead - but this brush is the bomb :P 


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